1066 Project: Norman Army

Every October 14th I have lamented the fact that I haven't wargamed the famous battle of Hastings yet. It has been in the back of my mind so to do for half a decade, and every time I have a bit of extra cash it must go elsewhere, or has gone to feed other projects.

Well, the Hastings bug bit me hard this year, and now I intend fully to make this my next project. So, I have been researching the battle (What else is new?), and have come across conjectural army lists here and there, and many other sundry articles, opinions, etc. on the matter. I not only want to have armies which will function for the battle itself, but for one-off engagements and other historical battles - There is a Byzantine army in my future as well...

I plan to use Old Glory for the majority of the figures, since this seems to be the most cost-effective route, and I prefer true 25mm to the larger 28mm "Heroic-Scale" figures.

My final Norman army list will look something like this:

William, Duke Of Normandy; Eustace, Count Of Bolougne; Odo, Bishop of Bayeux; and Taillefer, Quasi-Legendary Minstrel

3 units of 30 Norman Knights

1 unit of 10 Breton Sergeants

2 units of 30 Norman Heavy Infantry Spearmen

1 unit of 30 Norman Heavy Infantry Swordsmen

1 unit of 20 Breton Light Infantry Spearmen

3 units of 20 Light Infantry Archers

Totals: 104 Cavalry, 170 Infantry

This will provide more than I need for Hastings, but enough to make a sufficient spectacle on the table when it is all finished.

Coming soon will be my Anglo-Saxon list--again padded for utility and visual appeal.


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