Medieval English Army Complete


After a year and a half of painting whenever the mood should strike, My 13th century English army is finished! Now they can finally leave the shelf next to my desk and crush the foes of house Plantagenet!

The figures are to a man 15mm Essex, mounted on steel bases of 40mm frontage, save for the leaders, which are on squares of mat board.

My camera is still a bit wanting, and as I do not have a gaming table at the moment I was forced to set up on the coffee table... Do ignore the detritus of my life which surrounds the scene!

Here is the Army Arrayed, as it stands:

Here are the Commanders: Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford; King Edward I; and Anthony Bek, Bishop of Durham:

Here is the flower of English Chivalry:

A close-up shot of a unit of knights. The fellow on the right is Sir Nicholas Tremayne, a relative of mine!

Some Heavy Cavalry from the Welsh Marches. Oddly enough, these were the most photogenic of the bunch!

Alright, enough of the nobility. Let's have a look at the foot sloggers:

Here is a close-up of a unit of levy spearmen, with mercenary crossbowmen behind them:

Edward I's secret weapon: The longbow!

There is a Welsh contingent in the works right now, as well as more Knights and a a whole great clump of spearmen...

Please feel free to critique and comment upon these figures.


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